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over 5 years ago

The More the Merrier: You Can Submit Multiple Apps

Just a final shout-out that you have four more days left in the AWS Serverless Apps for Social Good Hackathon to submit your skill.

Did you know you can build, publish, and submit multiple serverless applications to the AWS Serverless Apps for Social Good hackathon? 

Each application should be unique and submitted according to submission guidelines—so remember to publish each application to the AWS Serverless Application Repository and make a demo video for each of your apps. As long as you submit each of your entries according to the guidelines, they will be individually considered for judging and prize money!

Submissions are due October 9 before 5pm ET. Find out what time that is in your city.

Happy building,

Devpost + AWS

P.S. If you missed the awesome nonprofit Q&A with Rob Spectre, you can still visit the Slack channel room #nonprofit or you can read a copy of it here. He shared great ideas and resources that can help you in the last stretch!