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over 4 years ago

How to request additional AWS SAM resources & policy templates

Hey Serverless Apps Builders,

To publish your apps to the AWS Serverless Application Repository and submit them to the Serverless Apps for Social Good hackathon, you’ll need to package your apps using AWS SAM. The Serverless Application Repository only supports specific resource types and only allows the use of AWS SAM policy templates to extend AWS Lambda function permissions as described in the documentation

You can request additional supported resources via AWS Support and new policy templates via the process described here. If you make your request by Friday, September 21, the team will work on it in an effort to give you enough time to build, publish, and submit your app. If you submit a request after that date, they’ll still do their best to support it but can’t guarantee that it will be filled in time.

If you have more questions about AWS SAM or the Serverless Application Repository, join our technical office hours on Slack this WednesdaySeptember 19, from 1 pm – 2pm PST. We’re looking forward to helping you support social good with your serverless apps.


The AWS SAM + AWS Serverless Apps Teams


Reminder: Office Hours today!

Join us today for inspiration about what to build and how to help combat human trafficking with technology, post your questions to the Slack’s #nonprofit room early or join us live today, Monday, September 17, from 8 am – 9 am PST(11 am – 12 pm EST).