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about 5 years ago

How to build & submit serverless apps for social good

Need a nudge? Want a refresher on how to submit your serverless apps for social good? Interested in winning cash prizes and supporting good causes?

Here’s how you can help grow the serverless ecosystem and support good causes through our Serverless Apps for Social Good hackathon: 

  1. Build a serverless application for one of these categories: Alexa skills, IoT, Machine Learning, media processing, logging, monitoring, notifications, location and/or an application specifically designed to help combat human trafficking according to the problem statements and technical tools provided by our nonprofit partners
  2. Package your app according to the resources and policies supported by the AWS Serverless Application Model within the AWS Serverless Application Repository
  3. Choose an OSI-recognized open-source license to publish your app under
  4. Publish your app to the AWS Serverless Application Repository (don’t forget to “make it public”!)
  5. Enter your submission at and include a demo video and a link to your public application available in the AWS Serverless Application Repository

If you have questions, ask us! We’re looking forward to seeing how you build on serverless.