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over 4 years ago

Why We’re Focusing this Hackathon on Helping to End Human Trafficking

As our nonprofit partners report, human trafficking robs 25 million people a year of their freedom.

Human trafficking affects children, women, men, mothers, brothers, daughters, sons, and friends. While the advance of technology has given human traffickers more opportunities to commit offenses, it can also empower those who combat human trafficking to fight against it more effectively.

As Polaris states, “New data and insights open doors to possibilities - ways in which law enforcement, governments, service providers, and private businesses can undermine traffickers’ businesses, making them more risky and less profitable.”

Both Polaris and Thorn are committed to using technology to help improve data collection and analysis, threat assessment, victim identification, and more.

Whether your serverless application is a simple component that helps transform data or analyze sentiment that can be plugged into a larger, more complex application or a holistic solution in itself, your work can help provide the pieces needed to help combat human trafficking.

Even if you build and submit serverless applications that don’t focus on human trafficking at all, your serverless applications can still serve as jumping off points for more developers to build upon.

Thanks for joining us.



Your Serverless Apps Team



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.